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Accredited Corporate Manager (Ezy ID 14770) in partnership with Ezybonds Far East would like to introduce you to the Ezybonds Global Payment System.

Ezybonds Inc is the software developer and intellectual property owner of the Ezybonds Global Payment System together with all associated domain names and trademarks. Ezybonds Inc has successfully developed an online account management and payment system enabling its members to receive or send funds, in real time (via internet, SMS or security coded cash pins), from or to any Ezyaccount or Ezycash™ Prepaid MasterCard® Card or bank account.

Ezybonds Inc has appointed Ezybonds Marketing Group as an Accredited Corporate Manager (Ezy ID 14770) with the authority to refer Ezybonds members to Ezybonds Inc for Certified Merchant approval. Any business or individual with an existing Ezyaccount may apply to become a Certified Merchant at no cost.

An Ezyaccount is free to open, avoids expensive processing costs and eliminates fees charged to merchants, credit card/bank account identification fraud and associated charge-backs. An Ezyaccount is able to operate in multi currencies.

An Ezycash™ Prepaid MasterCard® Card allows payments online, at POS terminals, and ATM withdrawals.

An Ezyaccount and Ezycash™ Prepaid MasterCard® Card from Ezybonds is a secure and convenient way to receive and send money worldwide. All Ezybonds transactions are fully secured using the Splitlock Security System.

Members rewarded with free Ezybonds Dividend Rights will be eligible to participate in cash bonuses when announced by Ezybonds Inc.



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